The Hub

The Hub is a central command space station where the Collective, which runs the Dreamer Project, brings in and trains new recruits.   It is where all new recruits come for the initial series of missions. They will learn about the history of the Collective, the Hub's launch points and long-range mission goals, and have a personal residence to rest for the evenings. Initial lessons for three different career paths are available directly in the Hub as well as contact points for a number of instructor NPCs.   Additional and advanced career paths are completed aboard other ships/stations, or on the ground on any number of planets in the galaxy.   Characters will check in with the terminal to see what Energy their Dreamer has been able to provide.  
(The Dreamer--the player--will select how many To Do List items were completed the day before in the system, if To Do List items were completed outside an active quest.)
  Alula's adventure, seen in the Tutorial Quest, provides a brief tour of the Hub facilities. The areas seen in her introduction include training areas:
  • Unopenable Door (Captain access restricted)
  • Herbalist Training Partition
  • Scout Training Partition
  • Diplomat Training Partition
  • Bridge
  • Hallway on Bridge Level of Space Station
Other areas hinted at:
  • Instructor Quarters
  • Instructor Partition
  • Purser Office
  • Living Quarters - Individual Quarters for Dreamers
  • Landing Bay


  • The Hub - Control Room Level
    A multi-level starstation and port of activities for the Collective, The Hub is the starting point for all new recruits.  Initial training areas are broken into zones aboard the station, including three of the most popular: Herbalism, Scouting, and Diplomacy.   Living quarters are in the East Wing, with each recruit receiving a small bunk with built-in drawers and shelves, and a designated locker in the space.  On high recruitment months, those newly linked to Dreamers will be bunked 3-4 in a single room, however recruitment has been low and often only a single recruit will enjoy an entire bunkroom to themselves.   Recruits are expected to clock in daily on the starstation computers, which allows a measurement of the DreamerLink as well as providing missions to be accepted on top of training work.  Field work is next, and recruits will find themselves with more than enough opportunities for advancement as time progresses.
Founding Date
Orbital, Station


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