"Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, it can be transferred from one form to another."
— Law of Conservation of Energy
  A DreamerLink is a connection between an Earth dimension individual and a time-dilated dimension's individual.   As you check off your real life To Do's, you expend energy.  In the To Do List Adventures, this energy is not lost, but transferred to another source: the DreamerLink.  The dimension the character lives in cannot move forward at a comparable pace to our own dimension until you transform your energy into fuel through this DreamerLink.  (This is why the adventure seems to pick up right where you left off, when you've completed your tasks and return to play the game.) :D   In the story world, this alternate dimension created the DreamerLink on the planet of Lutetia at the behest of a well-funded (yet fledgling) galactic organization called The Collective.  The Collective intends to use this technology to provide galactic protection and to increase productive livelihoods of the core planets.  They intend to quickly span the galaxy with their agents, amassing power, influence, and leverage.  Their ultimate goal may or may not be as benevolent as it seems, but whether they intend to build a better galaxy for its people or to rule the galaxy by aggressive control, the plan remains the same.     The Collective is not the only force or controlling interest in the galaxy.  However, due to time-dilation, their progress in exploring planets and mapping space is far from complete.   
Players of the To Do List Adventures: You have a lot of exploring to do.
Common State
Expended Physical and Mental Effort

The Collective's plan is a multi-phased approach:  

Phase One

Scout and recruit suitable individuals.  Bridge the dimensions and link a fuel source with an accepted recruit.  Instructors will teach these recruits how to leverage the DreamerLink to excel at various skills, professions, and ranks amid The Collective.  

Phase Two

Begin rollout of patrols, exploration teams, and diplomats.  Expand beyond the core planets and provide protection to the entirety of the galaxy.   

Phase Three

Create a force of supercharged agents.  These agents, once trained, would be able to recruit others as well as start forward momentum on the organization's vision: a quickly developed galaxy of unlimited resources and potential.

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Author's Notes

We're approaching beta! If you feel up to providing feedback, I'm looking to make sure the process of the game makes sense and isn't overwhelming, both here and in the To Do List Adventures Primer. <3 Thank you for reading!

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